Fear & Loathing in Glendale, AZ

or how I stopped worrying and learned to love the bong

9 May 1974
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since the morlocks ate my brain, I became an artist, or at least I am moody like one. Someday I hope to get laid and be a famous rockstar superhero. I wouldn't want to be president of the US because I wouldn't get to rant drunkenly on saturday nights, or at least I would have to take it indoors. The interns would be a plus, but then if america made a court case out of the people I've screwed, my parents would have a brain hemorrhage. I want to be ninety four, fishing in the sun, drunk, with my best girl at my side, and my ole bulldog at my other side when I die. I think pot should be legally bred by someone who's not a corporation, so that we can have goofy flavors like bubblegum and... oh, wait it already is that way. OK well I think that PC and feminism have gone too far, just don't tell me what to think please. I like the "shifting baselines" tv commercial but it applies to more than the environment -- your great grandfather would never have settled for the plastic saccharine tract-house ryan seacrest silicone tit that you succle from because you saw "The Passion". Democracy sucks because people are dingleberry brains, and please, please, please don't slow to a halt before you turn right if you are driving in front of me because I'm the eggman, baby.
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